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48 y.o. Libra
170 cm (5' 7'')
108 kg (240 lbs)
62 y.o. Taurus
168 cm (5' 6'')
90 kg (200 lbs)
46 y.o. Aquarius
157 cm (5' 2'')
65 kg (144 lbs)
23 y.o. Pisces
171 cm (5' 7'')
60 kg (133 lbs)
30 y.o. Capricorn
151 cm (4' 11'')
45 kg (100 lbs)
32 y.o. Aries
176 cm (5' 9'')
61 kg (136 lbs)
49 y.o. Aries
154 cm (5' 1'')
52 y.o. Cancer
162 cm (5' 4'')
63 kg (140 lbs)

Meet latigg: dating single Canadian woman from Ontario Kitchener

Age: 51 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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My ideal match would be someone who is looking for a long-term relationship, although willing to take time to get to know each other.

Communication and open dialogue are key in any successful relationship. I am open and upfront, so I appreciate honesty in others.

You are a grounded and stable man who is fun to be with, values family, has a sense of humour and a good heart.

You are compassionate, confident (but not arrogant), can carry on a conversation, respectful, honest, loyal, well balanced and makes me laugh.

You should be affectionate and not afraid to show it.

41 - 56
186 cm (6' 1'') - 210 cm (6' 11'')
  • Dating (Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)



I'm 5'10, so you should be taller than me - no offence, that's just my personal preference. Also, no smokers please.

And if you have to hide behind sunglasses or crop your ex out of your pic, Im probably not the person for you. Be original - show you!

Now that I have that out of the way, I suppose this is the area where I'm supposed to sell myself... Perhaps win you over with my quick wit and charming personality... Ha... good luck...

I am honest, independent, caring, grounded, stable, a good listener, affectionate and fun. I can be serious when need be, but I love to laugh and have a positive outlook on life.

I value family and friends and am fiercely loyal to both. I spend a lot of time with my family and never take that time for granted. Life can change so quickly and unexpectedly, so I am thankful for each and every moment I have with them.

I have one daughter who is a constant source of pride and joy. She can make me laugh like nobody's business.


** If I don't respond to your message, it's because I've looked at your profile and don't feel we'd be a good match Good luck on your search!

178 cm (5' 10'')
90 kg (200 lbs)
This info is available only upon personal request
White / Caucasian
yes, living separately

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a "lark" - early to bed, early to rise
  • well-being
  • inner harmony
  • go for a walk
  • read
  • be on my own
  • go out-of-doors
  • go to the cinema
  • go to a theatre
  • go to museums
  • work out
  • Arts
  • Cinema
  • Psychology
  • Traveling
  • Theatre
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Walks
  • Fitness
  • Skis
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Horses
  • Watching baseball/basketball/football

Have never used
not drink at all