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Meet Hawksley13: dating single Canadian man from Saskatchewan Saskatoon

Age: 30 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Cancer

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I'd like to start with a favourite quote of mine:

People always kid me, because I have no hair.

It's not my fault that I am follically impaired.

But here's the good news, my life isn't through.

I get way more sex than either Brad or Drew.

If you enjoy improv comedy, or comedy in general, then you and I will get along great.

So, I just moved back from Toronto! I'm bringing the big city to our little city..haha. Let's see what Saskatoon has to offer. A few fun facts about myself:

1. i am a huge fan of vanilla ANYTHING (if you gave me a vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream and a vanilla coke, you might just become a goddess 2. i love movies and acting (theatre or film)

3. i love laughing, joking, teasing

4. touching the CN Tower was a huge deal for me. So now that I'm in SK, there is no skyscrapers!! WTF?!?!? (Saskatchewan: the place where if you know nothing about, then you know everything! Congrats!)

5. The Office is my favourite tv show, next to Curb Your Enthusiasm

6. i have two piercings(ears) and will be getting a couple small symbolic tattoos

7. I moved here to get into school and continue my acting and film career!!

8. if you love to lock the door, blast the music and make a fool of yourself jamming out and if you have a wide range of musical appreciation, then you are in my good books. people don't get there easily. and i mean like WIDE. including musicals and country!!

9. paintball is an amazing sport. if i do not come home with welts, and bruises and cuts and maybe a missing eye or two, then my time on the field was not worth it.

10. were you really expecting a 10.? I can't give away everything about myself!!!!!

So, living in Toronto was one hell of a ride. Would I do it again? Well, if I did, I'd make sure I move with 1000 dollars and not 100. But I survived, and it took some major budgeting and a lot of crappy jobs. But I am alive and well. What I'm looking for is someone as wild and fun as I can be to open up to and enjoy life with. I'm not wanting to settle down any time soon. The life with kids and a family and work...ick. I'm not ready for that. But if it turns into I am a restless soul needing to appease his massive appetite for adventure and excitement.

OH! Random fact: I'm hoping to one day in my life, take off to Europe and backpack for a few years. That would make my life complete.

Oh, and if you start hitting on me right away and trying to get my number and such.... good god, woman, buy me a drink first before you try and pick me up P

179 cm (5' 10'')
69 kg (153 lbs)
I'll tell you when you contact me
Please contact me personally if you want to know what my ethnicity is.

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a "night owl" like to stay up late
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