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Why has my photo been rejected?


To keep the Loveawake community safe and welcoming for everyone, we review all submitted photos before they appear on the site. Here are some guidelines to help you choose great photos for your profile. These guidelines are subject to change, so please refer to this FAQ periodically. Also, this list of guidelines may not be comprehensive. We reserve the right to reject photos for reasons other than the ones below if we encounter a kind of picture we hadn’t anticipated.

First, some basic rules:

Format: Pictures must be in .jpg formats
Size: No photo is too small
Content: Photos can only include you. We’re glad you have friends and family, but we want your matches to see who you are!

Beyond these basics, here are some reasons for photo rejection:

Photo is blurry or you are not visible
Photo contains nudity (naked torso for men)
Photo is provocative or pornographic
Photo contains a child alone or children by themselves
Photo is of a pet, object, scenery etc.
Photo contains personal or identifying information (names, addresses, phone numbers, social media username, etc.)
Photo has been altered in a way that significantly changes your appearance - for instance, you’ve pasted your head on Captain America’s body
Photo depicts an illegal act or activity
Photo contains vulgar symbols, gestures, or gang signs/colors
Photo contains a dead animal (other than a fish)
Now here are some tips for choosing the best photos:

Clear Photos. Make sure your photo is clear, not blurry or covered by shadows.
Close-Up. Make sure the first photo you upload is a close-up or headshot, not a picture taken at a distance.
Posing. Upright, smiling, in front of a pleasant view or background. Your matches will be more likely to respond if you look casual yet engaged. Not slouching in your couch.
Keep it Current. Your photos should have been taken recently. Posting old high school photos may confuse matches who are trying to get to know you as you are now. No one wants to feel catfished.

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