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I finally got it right and more than one person is interested in me; is it ever acceptable to date more than one person at a time?


Sure. But be a grownup about it.

Dating someone isnít the same as having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and having a boyfriend/girlfriend isnít the same as being in a committed relationship, a committed relationship isnít the same as living with someone, and that isnít the same as being married Ė though the further you get up that chain, the closer the definitions get and the blurrier the lines between the differences become.

Whatís not acceptable is lying about it. If youíre a mature adult, be upfront that youíre seeing other people and give someone else their rightful option of not becoming involved with you.

Donít lead someone to believe that they are the one and only if they arenít. Youíre within your rights not to be in a committed relationship, leading someone on isnít a matter of masculinity or feminine power, itís manipulative, immature, and reeks of no integrity.

Under no circumstances have unprotected sex: This means guarding against disease and pregnancy. Itís no oneís responsibility to protect you from getting sick or having a baby. If youíre a woman and he refuses to use a condom, cut your losses right there. If youíre a man, donít rely on her birth control, bring back up. Itís a matter of self-respect and self-preservation. You may not know that person as well as you think and you donít want anything left behind that someone else has to take care of. If your inclination is to have multiple partners, your obligation is to make that choice as safe as possible.

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