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Why do I get such a low response rate on dating sites?


Try to adjust your preferences. Men believe women’s preferences are more like requirements, and are to narrowly defined and unrealistic, a major frustration of men in the dating battlefield. Men have dating preferences but they tend to be very flexible. An example would be a height requirement. If you prefer tall women, since you are tall yourself (6’2”), but it’s not a requirement. If you met someone attractive but was 5’2”, you would consider dating her. Many of the women aren’t as flexible in their dating preferences, they are too many requirements. It feels as if your battling against a list of “and’s” and deemed dateable only if you match a narrow set of height, weight, eye color, type of job, skin color, and hair type requirements.

Settling is when you have nothing in common with the person your dating and your with them because you feel you cannot do better. Not meeting the requirements on a checklist is more like buying software for my computer, not dating. Most of your frustration stems from this issue when dating.

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