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Iam trying to send letters to people but they are blocked. Why?


Our spam and scam filters are quite sensitive and may block harmful messages as well as some innocent ones. So here are 6 helpful tips to avoid any false responses from our filters and make for trouble free messaging-

1. Avoid using multiple punctuation marks such as '!!!!!!!' ……… and '???????' etc.

2 Avoid adding meaningless, short, insulting text and using special characters such as < > [ ] / % and similar.

3. Try not to space out your words and l e t t e r s. This may confuse our spam filter.

4. As much as everybody loves a nice smile and a cheeky wink try not to duplicate emotions

5. Try to send messages in English and use the Latin alphabet

6. Perhaps you were trying to include e-mail address, URL address of other sites or phone number in the first introduction letter. It is forbidden to avoid possible scamming or spamming. Please remove that information from your message and try again. After you get the reply from the client you are interested in you are welcome to exchange any contact information.

If your letter did not contain any of the above please accept our apologies as our filters wrongly identified your text. Please, try rewrite your letter and check punctuation

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Not receiving our responses?

If you don't receive a response in 24 hours, please check your junk / spam folder. In order to ensure you'll receive our response, add domain to your trusted senders.