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Age: 26 y.o.
I have a good sence of humor and love outdoor activity best of all. My weaknnes is cute dogs and...
Age: 47 y.o.
Love to try new adventures, love being outdoors, love animals but have no pets.
Age: 36 y.o.
Ich bin weiblich, liebevoll, sexuell, sinnlich, einfühlsam, freundlich, aktiv und...
Age: 32 y.o.
If it is possible to combine passion and tenderness in one person, it is about me! At this moment...
Age: 52 y.o. to make more friends and chat
Age: 49 y.o.
I want my life to taste like chocolate. Even the words are delicious. When I eat a piece of...
Age: 32 y.o.
Only your heart knows when you finally home

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