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rokey astrology topics

Nickname: rokey
Birthday: 1980-02-11, Age group: plus 30
From: Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya
Zodiac Sign by Western Astrology: Aquarius
Zodiac Sign by Chines Astrology: Monkey
Other western astrology topics:

Romantic compatibility with rokey

The compatibility question: What does Astrology have to say about you and rokey. Understand business relationships, friendships, even family ties. Uncover compatibility insight through the Sun Signs of you and your love -- or of that certain someone you've got your eye on. Please type in your birthday and click the button.

Sex Horoscopes

Aquarius sex is based on the bizarre and unusual.  This sign is always on the lookout for a new technique or toy or other form of sexual practice that has not been tried yet.  As a matter of fact, the sexy Aquarius will seek out a lover purely based on their unusual sexual preferences, body type, or thought patterns.  And once the Aquarian has experienced the deviance they will close the chapter on that book and move on to another conquest.  Aquarius in bed is quite demanding of their lover.  The Aquarius requires a partner who is vigilant, always ready to change the pace, and never willing to have sex the same way twice in a row.  The Aquarius partner must also be intelligent and devoid of any outrageous emotional display as this will surely turn the Aquarius cold.   Sexual Aquarius also needs a partner who can actively participate in marathon love making sessions that are full of passion and eccentricity.  The astrology sex profile of Sagittarius suggests this is a perfect match for Aquarius in the bedroom if the two can stop talking to each other for any length of time.  Both have very sensual natures and this translates into some steamy sex. The Aquarius Pisces relationship is very effective in the bedroom, as Pisces will show a devotion that Aquarius will be delighted in.  In turn Aquarius will shower Pisces with praise and admiration.  Sex between and Aquarius and a Capricorn can be quite satisfying, as both are willing to give as well as take.  The creativity of the Capricorn and the quirkiness of the Aquarian can make for some kinky and bizarre sexual encounter that many would pay to see on tape.  While Aquarius cannot expect much emotional devotion from Virgo the sex can be quite enjoyable.  Because Virgo is so willing to please, Aquarius can suggest any sexual game and it will be quickly agreed to.