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NESBERRY astrology topics

Nickname: NESBERRY
Birthday: 1988-07-05, Age group: plus 20
From: Jamaica, St Anns Bay
Zodiac Sign by Western Astrology: Cancer
Zodiac Sign by Chines Astrology: Dragon
Other western astrology topics:

Romantic compatibility with NESBERRY

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Calcium Fluoride is the Cancer cell salt and responsible for uniting oil and albumen in the body to keep the connective and elastic tissues healthy. The same cell salt contributes to tooth enamel, bones, fingernails, and the eye lenses. Any Cancer health deficiency of this salt can lead to varicose veins, spinal curvature, eye problems, receding gums etc. Environment often upsets cancer subjects and they tend to take to food as a means of security and consolation. Cancer food often consists of cakes, ice-cream, candy and pies. However, the cancer stomach is delicate and its subjects would do well to contain or avoid these temptations. Careful diet control and Cancer foods is necessary for cancer subjects to maintain healthy digestive systems as well as body weight. In the absence of adequate diet control, obesity and food allergies cannot be kept at bay. Even in prime state, cancer subjects tend to suffer on account of a weak constitution so they have to consume specific Cancer foods. Cancer foods should ideally comprise of constituents with high calcium fluoride. Whole grain rye, yogurt, watercress, beets, oysters and fish are ideal. Milk, kale, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes would be helpful in fighting skin disorders to which the cancer subjects are prone. Okra which has high calcium content can fight inflammation of the stomach. Fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean protein is a necessary part of Cancer foods for the cancer subject s daily intake. Sugar, salt and starches can be avoided. Spicy and food with high seasoning too may not hold well with cancer people, and should receive particular attention while dining in restaurants.