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170 cm (5' 7'')
56 kg (124 lbs)
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Meet seekin4dryt1: dating single American woman from California Los Angeles

Age: 48 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Pisces

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Hi there guys thanks for your taking your time to glance and read this ad for a really good friend of mine.. I would say I have known her for the longest time since she was my neighbor and I would say most of our neighbors are having a crush on her since shes really pretty .. not just a pretty face but shes educated and has a great personality..

This how her story goes.. she was 17 back then when she end up meeting her husband and she was going to college and end up having her first child at her young age.. anyways that didnt stop her to finish her studies so she did that as well as raising her child and till she had another one five years later.. when her daughter is about 14 was the time her husband passed away from an accident and then thats how she end up taking care of her 2 daughters on her own and working hard to support them till both of them finished college from a reputable university back home currently her eldest daughter has a son and she works as flight attendant in an international airline company while the other works as an assistant manager for a leading coffee place..

as for herself shes more of homebody type of person and loves to spend time with her family.. btw she finished her Bachelor of Arts degree major in Asian studies and currently working in bank institution in the Philippines.. shes 46 but doesnt look like it and she been a widow for a 17 years and now Im thinking I believed she already fulfilled her duties as provider for her daughters and its about time for her to look for her soulmate who cares about the importance of having a family, responsible, have a good head on his shoulder and have a good heart.. if you think thats you let us know and we will have you touch base with her.. she is 100% aware of this ad and she wanted me to do this so we can both screened the persons whom who wants to get to know her more so that she can choose the right person for her.. shes simply looking for her soulmate.. and a great companion.. she likes to dance during her free time as well as baking and cooking.. she does love traveling as well when she gets a chance... she will be traveling to Los Angeles CA to visit me and see places in USA..put your favorite past time on the subject so we know whos spam or not..

thanks for your time and have a good one.. shes 56 black hair and light brown eyes :)

Ad is up it means were still looking

P.S. shes got a soft spot to guys who have light eyes and great smile.. hoping thats you ;)

168 cm (5' 6'')
40 kg (89 lbs)
yes, living separately
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executive assistant
BA in Asian Studies
a "night owl" like to stay up late
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