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38 y.o. Leo
182 cm (6' 0'')
95 kg (211 lbs)

Meet playarocadave: dating single Nicaraguan man from Leon

Age: 69 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Leo

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All ends can have a beginning, MINE IS NOW, it's the only thing that exists!

I am recently widowed, just over 2 years now. My wife and I moved to Nicaragua to live ON the Beach on the northern coast of Nicaragua, just a 13 mile/21 km good highway trip from Leon, the colonial capital and 2nd largest city in the country, and "Las Penitas" being of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world *living in Hawaii and California gives me extremely good perspective. see: She WAS my "Soul Mate" as you would say, all the ups and downs were shared. Due to it's incredible "location' beachfront, we were encouraged to "share" our setting with others and created one of the most popular beach destinations in N. Nicaragua and named it Playa Roca Beach Hotel, Playa Roca for short. see: is the website. Nicaragua at the time of settling here, 2006 grand opening, was a place most people either thought was still in civil war or was in Africa, it was not on the tourist map YET. WE built this together as a team, and that team is now just me, and the help of my wonderful staff. That is what I am missing now, a mate, not an employee (I have some of the best, 10+ years of continued service). The grief of loss has been absorbed and to the best of my ability understood, to be substituted/transmuted (with her positive agreement that we supported each other with our blessing of having happiness continue with another if anything "death do us part" occurred, which regrettably did), but our blessings were REAL, LOVE and SHARING go beyond the past, our love was for each others happiness in whatever future. This MEANS that YOU fill no other shoes but your own, she's NOT a enemy but an advocate of a new life without her, YOURS alone to make it happen or not) with a quest to fill a "VOID" that only sharing with another "significant" other can provide (not a business partner, but a Mate, someone to SHARE ALL of LIFE as it presents itself (with individualism outside relationship a must too). No BS needed, pure communication of things that matter, immersed in how the world as well as relationships work (open communication without secrets). I was lucky/fortunate to have found her for over 25+ years and I'll feel as lucky to find you as YOU ARE if we 'click' as "Mates". Seeing a sunset alone verses sharing it with someone with a soft but with firm holding of hands are the difference of being at Disneyland 20 times by yourself and sharing the experience with another. A MATE is not a body,it's a "melding of a man and woman's need for each others differences that makes US more whole as individuals).

I am one of the 'youngest" progressive 67 yr. olds you'll ever meet. Age has it's advantages and disadvantages. My generation changed the world and I was a big part of it's progressiveness. I was a young progressive in the trenches of being raised in the 60's and 70's in So. California (LA area), No. California (SF area), and Hawaii with all the movements from anti-war (Vietnam) to the musics explosion following the Beatles, Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, etc. and my all time favorite, Led Zeppelin (yes, I saw Led Zep's first concert in San Francisco, Calif), as well as social movements such as Women's and Human rights, and the advancement of social services for those in need.

A Graduate of the University of California in Applied Behavioral Sciences (ABS) in 1973 and continue to this day in the research of understanding human consciousness, from Neuroscience to meditation, from the difference of psychedelics and SSRI's for the cure and treatment of trying to help cure PTSD and depression that torments our species and creates undue human suffering.

I have been an athlete my whole life (played baseball, basketball, golf, football, tennis in HS and/or college), I am addicted to sports as much as to progressive movements (alternative energy, recycling, climate change, PEACE and JUSTICE for ALL. I believe wholeheartedly that OF, By and For the 1%/Corporations instead of OF, BY and For the People of Earth will make our species extinct if not changed to the later). I have owned and/or operated tennis and golf country clubs in California and Hawaii. For over 25 years I was also a successful licensed "A" General Engineering Contractor (trying to make water go uphill, har). I love science and what Darwin's evolution has allowed science to allow truth of what is flourish.

I was born and raised in both So. California (LA area) and No. California (SF area) and then moved off and on to the Big Island of Hawaii during the 70's-90's. I have done the most pathetic jobs (busted concrete with a sledge hammer to fill the levy in New Orleans as well as sell blood/plasma so my buddy and I could continue a 2 person guitar tour of the US in 1971). Picked up trash on the highways, taught math at the High School and even drove a taxi to make a living as well as doing "Marriage Family counseling, Adolescent behavioral and drug treatment both inpatient and outpatient" during my career. My path to today was paved with many stones, many not smooth. I have climbed the largest mountain in the world (by "mass" Mauna Kea in Hawaii, and was a certified scuba diver to see earth below sea level). I've seen penguins in Argentina and glaciers in Alaska, the earth is OURS and I'd like to share it, even though the paradise setting I now inhabit deserves daily observation. But SHARING is a must, ALONE is a path less traveled.

I've been described physically as an "abnormal" 67 year old body type (90+%), as my "dance' movements can also include 'air guitar" and using a beer bottle as a microphone. Humor is my second language, as my seriousness is just the meat of the lion that lives within, but humor is the baby playing with the lions ears as it purrs.

But as "BODY's" go, I must have an ATTRACTIVE one from my point of view. All my past mates I feel comfortable with must have body awareness of themselves that meet certain standards that appeal to me as a physical being (totally different than emotional/intellectual, etc.). To make a somewhat subjective scope of attractiveness I do require as a minimum, AND AT THAT POINT that aspect of 'appeal' is done, better is not an issue. I will do a 'Hollywood" type scaling, making what I'd say a minimum number of 1-10 being an "8". May be sick to think in those ways of stereotyping, but that is a comfortable standard that I feel that the women of my dream/mateship must have those physical attributes that makes the romantic side of a relationship also work. Sounds harsh? Sorry I can't be below a certain standard either, it's the easiest standard to fulfill, the 'above' mental/intellectual/emotional are much harder. There may be 50+ females that meet the physical standard, maybe only YOU that make the SUN shine. I am not a grandpa type, I'm alive and vivacious, active mentally and emotionally. I've been know as a "funny guy", humor is also a passion, a great balance from my seriousness side of wanting to know about the cosmos.

My favorite times of the month is walking on the beach during the full moon cycles without a flashlight needing to show the way. The moonlight ricocheting off the both the smooth ocean to the foam cresting waves and the crashing of those waves on our unique volcanic outcroppings spewing ocean spray 50' in the air in all directions. Playing in the tide pools at lower tides, dangling our feet and legs as the ripples expand and contract upon our movements, watching the little crustaceans/critters exploring or scampering for solace upon the cracks and crevices. 82+F air and water temperature, nice tropical breezes demanding expressions of appreciation of who, what and where we are. These time here are nights upon nights, paradise in the physical sense are a nearly daily occurrence. This is my life without a special person to share it with. Talking is sometimes over rated, experience is felt.

If any of you have finished this overstated self description and want to respond, please do so in any way you'd like, but don't waste your time or mine by thinking one second I'm looking to be a sugar daddy" or a trophy. Yes, i want an attractive women, I'd be lying if I said I didn't, that criteria may be the entry point, then that becomes secondary to the maximum, the heart/mind/intensity of life becomes the bulk of the book of our love if it is meant to be. Too many "attractive/pretty/beautiful" women think that that is what they are, worry more about their facial makeup than their internal makeup. Forget it, the physical beauty does fade, but the internal continues forever to grow. I myself still have 'pillow lips" with just the right amount of pressure to put the glow into the kiss, it's not just touch, it's an expression. Everything else sexually is the same, not forced but flows, and "touch" in appropriate ways are just the signals that we are on the same page.

P.A. I don't believe in talking snakes or all known species (Dinosaurs, polar bears and platypuses incl) living together on a small boat (Noah's ark) or prophets riding to the promised land on winged horses and/or the earth is only 6+thousand years old. If you believe any of those dogma's I don't, forget me.

I am full of love and may be a little bit complicated in many respects, but fun and the explorations of life are my real being. I have LOTS of good friends, but no MATE, that special person that just has to be herself and that's enough, it works when it clicks, that's it.

I'm just coming out into the world again, not in this century have I witnessed the other world of making someone, including myself, SPECIAL to ONE other person. My first expression of "who I am" to make someone possibly interested may be too much for someone who is just looking for a casual relationship someone to chat with, but here it is and don't again think that what I have stated isn't serious, I don't want just anyone. There are MANY out there that may fit my criteria, don't want to turn you off by being TOO picky, but being comfortable about yourself and like to SHARE in a more than normal way is a must. Believe me, my age isn't what you will get per mental images in your head. I also play romantic songs to serenade that are made up on the spot, as "situation and feeling" dictate the NOW!

182 cm (6' 0'')
79 kg (176 lbs)
White / Caucasian
yes, living separately

owner of Oceanfront Hotel
Post graduate in Applied Behavioral Sciences
a "night owl" like to stay up late
  • well-being
  • go for a walk
  • read
  • be on my own
  • entertain guests
  • go out-of-doors
  • research various topics
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  • Traveling
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  • awareness of the human condition
  • Rock
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