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50 y.o. Pisces
157 cm (5' 2'')
73 kg (162 lbs)
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77 kg (171 lbs)
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103 kg (229 lbs)

Meet loveorchid: dating single American man from California Anaheim

Age: 55 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Libra

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My ‘ideal’ partner should share similar (not identical—that would be boring) values and beliefs. I believe that a relationship is based on four levels: emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical. There should be a ‘connection’ at all of these levels to a varying degree. My partner should be physically attractive and active. The physical aspect of a partnership is very important to me.

I would like to find a woman that has a sense of humor, active, optimistic, caring, warm and attractive. I would like this person to have the same passion for life that I have. I do not believe that we need to have exact interests but must share similar values. I hope that she would share with me her interests as I would share my interests with her. It would be nice if this woman loved the outdoors and traveling since I sometimes decide to do a weekend get-away on short notice or a jaunt to an overseas location that has stirred my interest. I hope this lady enjoys a balance of intimate candlelit dinners at a nice restaurant and quiet nights at home. I am not seeking a perfect woman; just someone that makes me feel fortunate everyday that they are in my life. It is not necessary that we enjoy ALL of the same activities but is necessary that we enjoy being with each more than anything else. If you think that you ‘fit the bill’ and would like to explore the possibilities, please contact me!

40 - 55
  • Dating (Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)
  • Marriage (Lifelong relationship, family, children)
  • Casual dating (Non-stressful hangouts that occur before you decide you actually want to get serious)


I am an energetic, active and fit person. I enjoy life and am a bottle half-full type person. I believe that life is to be lived and I have a myriad of interests and activities that I enjoy. Some of these interests are golfing, reading, snow skiing, biking, adventure, hiking traveling around the world and to my own backyard. I am always open to new activities and think that almost anything is fun (or at least bearable) with that special someone. One of my favorite activities is cooking dinner with that special person and cuddling by the fire afterwards. My age represents a measurement of my life experiences and memories that I would love to share and add to with that special person. I am a warm, caring, intelligent, easy-on-the-eyes (at least my mother told me :)) man with a great sense of humor. I am able to laugh at life and myself in general. I am open and believe that communication, trust and honesty are the cornerstones that all great relationships must have. I am an old-fashioned romantic that is looking for the last great love of my life. I have flaws but nothing major and understand that my best friend, lover and partner will also have flaws.

171 cm (5' 7'')
79 kg (176 lbs)
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