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28 y.o. Libra
178 cm (5' 10'')
80 kg (178 lbs)
28 y.o. Aquarius
178 cm (5' 10'')
70 kg (156 lbs)
37 y.o. Aries
177 cm (5' 10'')
74 kg (164 lbs)
36 y.o. Aries
66 kg (147 lbs)
28 y.o. Capricorn
22 y.o. Cancer
174 cm (5' 8'')
85 kg (189 lbs)
63 y.o. Aquarius
186 cm (6' 1'')
103 kg (229 lbs)
26 y.o. Sagittarius
163 cm (5' 4'')
55 kg (122 lbs)

Meet konstantin691: dating single Kyrgyzstan man from Bishkek (ex Frunze)

Age: 32 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Cancer

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Hello to everyone i am easygoing, very friendly and reliable person. looking for serious relations. i want to change my life completely but i didn`t found a suitable person yet ((( From the first fiew you may think that all i need is a green card, but it is not !! ! I want to have a strong relations with a girl who is my soulmate to share our dreams and go through all difficulties together. First of all i nedd you to be honest to me and reliable because i want to have a good family. i understand that distance makes a sense but who said that this may be a problem for

172 cm (5' 8'')
71 kg (158 lbs)
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