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56 y.o. Scorpio
157 cm (5' 2'')
122 kg (271 lbs)
33 y.o. Gemini
172 cm (5' 8'')
54 kg (120 lbs)
62 y.o. Aquarius
167 cm (5' 6'')
68 kg (151 lbs)
59 y.o. Pisces
165 cm (5' 5'')
50 kg (111 lbs)
68 y.o. Capricorn
158 cm (5' 2'')
40 kg (89 lbs)
37 y.o. Aries
170 cm (5' 7'')
28 y.o. Aries
155 cm (5' 1'')
68 kg (151 lbs)
51 y.o. Capricorn
170 cm (5' 7'')
61 kg (136 lbs)

Meet brighteyes2x2: dating single Canadian woman from Ontario North Bay

Age: 53 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Leo

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I am looking for someone who is self aware and emotionally and financially secure.

I want spontaneity to be the common denominator in my relationships. Someone who is not afraid to show affection and is quick to admit their mistakes.

45 - 65
180 cm (5' 11'') - 210 cm (6' 11'')
77 kg (171 lbs) - 112 kg (249 lbs)
  • Friendship (friendship and communication; correspondence)
  • Dating (Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)
  • Casual dating (Non-stressful hangouts that occur before you decide you actually want to get serious)


I known for being an outgoing person with a great sense of humour and quick wit.

I adore 4 legged animals, the bigger the better (easier to hug).

I am passionate about life and relationships and those who know me well will vouch for me when I say I am a loyal and dedicated friend. I believe in helping out those who are going through rough spots in their lives, but I never give away what I cannot afford to lose.

I love campfires, watching the stars and listening to waves lapping at the beach.

I am looking for someone who is self aware and emotionally and financially secure.

I enjoy fine dining and am fine with peanut butter sandwiches. I have simple needs, just to be loved back the way I love, with complete abandon.

177 cm (5' 10'')
40 kg (89 lbs)
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  • well-being
  • family
  • go for a walk
  • read
  • Pets
  • Cooking
  • Literature
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