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51 y.o. Gemini
156 cm (5' 1'')
57 kg (127 lbs)
48 y.o. Cancer
165 cm (5' 5'')
63 kg (140 lbs)
50 y.o. Cancer
172 cm (5' 8'')
56 kg (124 lbs)
55 y.o. Libra
51 y.o. Pisces
182 cm (6' 0'')
86 kg (191 lbs)
54 y.o. Pisces
157 cm (5' 2'')
62 kg (138 lbs)
55 y.o. Virgo
167 cm (5' 6'')
50 kg (111 lbs)
49 y.o. Libra
165 cm (5' 5'')
90 kg (200 lbs)

Meet beachgrl: dating single Canadian woman from British Columbia Qualicum Beach

Age: 52 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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