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35 y.o. Sagittarius
154 cm (5' 1'')
65 kg (144 lbs)
43 y.o. Capricorn
163 cm (5' 4'')
36 y.o. Virgo
175 cm (5' 9'')
76 kg (169 lbs)
45 y.o. Capricorn
163 cm (5' 4'')
61 kg (136 lbs)
43 y.o. Scorpio
164 cm (5' 4'')
54 kg (120 lbs)
43 y.o. Aries
172 cm (5' 8'')
40 kg (89 lbs)
44 y.o. Scorpio
159 cm (5' 3'')
50 kg (111 lbs)
46 y.o. Taurus
149 cm (4' 11'')
40 kg (89 lbs)

Meet Spacechick: dating single Canadian woman from Ontario Thunder Bay

Age: 42 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Virgo

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Thunder Bay ON area

35 - 45
172 cm (5' 8'') - 197 cm (6' 5'')
72 kg (160 lbs) - 90 kg (200 lbs)
  • Dating (Short or long-term relationships, commitments and monogamy)
  • Casual dating (Non-stressful hangouts that occur before you decide you actually want to get serious)


separated for over nine years and present situation with world has me returning to the dating game looking for a man for a one-day meeting. I am out of shape, thus a bit over-weight, dont talk much, lonely, and just need this one day of my ten-year solitude to meet someone. Preferably, Im looking for a man who is a police officer but chances are almost none read this. You must be between 35-45 years of age and not be over-weight.

168 cm (5' 6'')
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