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54 y.o. Pisces
180 cm (5' 11'')
86 kg (191 lbs)
73 y.o. Scorpio
55 y.o. Libra
170 cm (5' 7'')
92 kg (204 lbs)
43 y.o. Scorpio
181 cm (5' 11'')
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74 kg (164 lbs)
48 y.o. Sagittarius
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127 kg (282 lbs)
39 y.o. Pisces
185 cm (6' 1'')
79 kg (176 lbs)
22 y.o. Gemini
164 cm (5' 4'')
48 kg (107 lbs)

Meet Ricksterman50: dating single American man from Pennsylvania Erie

Age: 57 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Someone who wants to spend some time with me because they want to.

United States
21 - 55
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Single older man, well, 51 ain't over the hill, but? Women have told me I'm handsome, I don't know, I don't look or compare the guys. not my thing looking for a female friend to fill the empty part of my life, (yes, sex would be great, but that's not why I'm here). I'm just lonely and need a female friend to tell me everything I'm doing wrong, lol. No, I've made it this far alone and I will go on, but I would like to have a friend to enjoy the adventure with me.

171 cm (5' 7'')
72 kg (160 lbs)
White / Caucasian
no, but would like to have
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A little collage and the streets
a "night owl" like to stay up late
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