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Meet PierreLionheart: dating single Romanian man from Bucharest = Bucuresti

Age: 48 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Cancer

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Grrrooooaaarrrrr ... STRONG, LOYAL & CARING

Some say, I am different to other men. Well, it is up to YOU, to decide! Only you should know:

I am a hopeful, romantic LION, who likes some freedom, too! So don't try, to lay this lion in chains, because you grroooaaarrrrr . would feel his teeth in your neck gently, but you would feel ;)

I have my own ideals, values and qualities. They are not always the same, what "society" expects from us. I think, girls and boys have equal rights but they are not similar. I don't like "female dragons" I like girls, who are confident enough, to enjoy it, to be a "girl" and not like a man.

I am empathetic, can discuss with you, listen to your words (but not always I WANT ;) By the way girls, who ask "will you buy me these jewelleries, this perfume, this fur, this car" are "strange". Please look for another man! A real gentleman knows, how to spoil and to support the lady of his heart. And I do!

I am very passionate, enjoy with all my senses und appreciate it, when a girl enjoys this side of life, too. Attraction is important on both sides and pleasant for our eyes ;) I lay my heart in all, what I do, like it, to reach my goals, realize my dreams and "do it my way". Top-managers, doctors and "normal" people listen to my advice. But for me it doesn't matter, if somebody is rich or poor, very intelligent or "average" - only the character, personality and what someone DOES in his/her life IS important!

Can you enjoy your life? Can you be active, relax and be silent also? Cool! Let's go out for a drink with our friends, let's enjoy a delicious dinner or a cultural event! I like travelling and discovering foreign countries and cultures around the world and maybe I ask you spontaneous: "Where are our bags? Let's have a drink in a mild summer-night on a veranda in the Toskana ... a cappuccino accompanied by piano-music at the Marcus-placa in Venice ... feel warm sand running between our toes at a sunny beach and when we see the stars above us, then I will well - more next time :)

I wish to find a girl whom I can discover like a diamond - a diamond that lightens my heart ... by her fine smile, her humour, her optimism, her temperament, appearance, passion, heartiness .... a girl (not a "barbie-doll"), who is interested in much more than in the next party or next fashion-trends a girl, who doesn't play "games" a smart, confident girl, who wants to lay in the arms of a man in MY arms.

I wish to find a girl, who wants to "play in a team" with me ... and maybe one day as the mother of my children - for whom I again would be the lion, that protects, spoils, gives a good home and cares with all my love!

Enough for now! You would like to know more about me?

Then simply ask me! I'm looking forward to your letter ;)

180 cm (5' 11'')
92 kg (204 lbs)
To learn what my religion is, send me a message.
Mommy said I came from Heaven
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