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Meet Single Guyanese man from Georgetown

Age: 33 y.o, man, Single
Location: Guyana, Georgetown
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Last login: More than 2 weeks
Status: Unverified

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About myself

ím 32 years old and I work as a writer/ producer (and sometimes actor) for a media company which basically means I get togoof off and travel all over the world.

Who am I?

Iím extremely artsy, I act, write, draw, paint, sing, play instruments, make films and take photographs.

If that last line has you rolling your eyes donít worry, I also drive fast, refuse to take shit from anyone, and am generally an asshole, but you know... the fun kind thatís impossible to hate. If life were a movie Iíd be a villain. The villain you root for...

Iím the guy who is perfectly comfortable making the first move; whether it be a romantic kiss on the doorstep or throwing you up against a wall and making out with you HARD... in the rain.

I travel all over the world for work, so Iím out oftown a lot... buuut I also take my friends along sometimes to keep me company. ;)

Most of my friends are artists (In a variety me mediums) so having an interest in arts is pretty important.

I read a LOT, mostly history and philosophy.

If we hang out there will never be an

ďawkward silence Ē donít worry, if youíre nervous I will just tease you.

I have a fluffy black cat named Rod

Stewart , he has bright green eyes and

loves women... just like me.

Iím not looking for the trophy girlfriend, I'm much more interested in personality.You doníthave to be a model for me to respond, but if

you are a model... please prove to me that youíre ALL not bat sh* tcrazy.

Hmmm what else...

Iím originally from Guyana , an avid

outdoorsman and I miss the Atlantic. I

thinkIíll just eventually buy my own Caribbean island and build a tree house. I recently moved to Maryland and plan on living on my own sailboat and exploring the coast when Iím not


Iím not taking this too seriously. I donít play mind games, nor do I placate low self-esteem.Until you impress me I will probably treat you

like my bratty little sister.

P.S. If I send you a message that splay strange then Iím probably just bored and frigging with you. But also maybe im interested, it depends on how funny your

reply is.

First Date: How about I roll you up in a carpet and ship you to Greece? We could drive scooters through the countryside drinking wine and eating cheese, dress up in costumes, paint the sea and film the whole thing! I will make you my Mediterranean princess haha!

183 cm (6' 0'')
40 kg (89 lbs)
I need to double-check
no, but would like to have
Let's chat and I'll tell you
I'd rather not tell
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Life and work
Bachelor Degree
  • read
  • go out-of-doors
  • go to museums
  • Arts
  • Fashion and style
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Rap
Pernicious habits
Let's talk and I'll tell you

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