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Meet Mereinid: dating single American man from Alabama Dothan

Age: 49 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Aries

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First off, I am big fella. Please dont think of heavyset for me as being fat and overweight. I am by no means that.

I am a techy nerd, I like science fiction, drama, fantasy and action movies, however I am prone to not like new action movies as they make me long for the days of when Stallone and Arnold was saving the day..oh and Bruce Willis. I build computers on the side, and I am considered 24/7 tech support by everyone in my family and their immediate friends. There is not a time when I don't have at least one of their laptops, phones, tablets or something on my work bench.

I like to write and I am working on three different novels, my greatest adversary at this moment is procrastination. I do play video games, mostly on my desktop and from time to time on my PS3/Xbox 360. I do not sit for hours doing this, and this is what I consider my biggest vice. I like to mountain bike when I can, as I live in southern Alabama, there are not many of those around. So I take my bike to the local park and do my thing there. I drive a very nice *city* truck that was a gift to myself for spending 6 years overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, it has heated and cooled seats for my passengers. Their comfort is my priority, *sigh* you girls. =)

On my profile it says I drink casually as there was not a selection for I might drink some rum in my vanilla coke once every 3 weeks or so. That is about the extent of my social drinking. I do not smoke nor have I nor will I. I am sorry ladies if you do, I just cant/wont have a relationship with a smoker, not even a social one.

I like tattoos and I have one myself. I plan on getting a few more. I was 42 when I got my first, I do not take the decision lightly on putting a piece of art on my body. I will never have a piece of flash on me.

I consider myself an intelligent man and more often than not I find it harder and harder to carry on a conversation these days. I am a full time student at Troy University. I am an engineer now. I had somewhat of a mid life crisis last year and I thought it would be more prudent of me to change my life goals and make myself a better person for it, than buying a convertible or a motorcycle.

I was born in the south and raised by my mother and my grandparents. I am a gentleman at the core I always try to get door for a lady, regardless of whether they are with me or not. It's just something you do. I wouldn't be here- (Earth)- if it wasn't for a lady. (I miss you momma)

I like a woman who wants to be by my side holding my hand, I want her to talk to me and stare into my eyes as often as she wants, and I will hold her stare and love doing it. I like a woman who is independent just enough, but would still want a helping hand from time to time. I am a man and I do like intimacy, more so than not. I will not have a relationship with a woman who can take it or leave it. However, some things will be needed to be cleared up prior to a relationship of an intimate nature between us, before moving down that particular path.

I absolutely love a woman who can *wear* a pair of jeans and then put on a dress and make me stop in my tracks. I like a woman with her nails done and just enough makeup to accentuate her natural beauty. I like to take walks along rivers and scenic venues, and take pictures of touristy places, however, off the beaten path pictures are the best for me. I like a woman who works out and keep her self fit. I will be the best coach she ever had.

Skin color to me doesn't matte neither does your religion preference, just know that I am not religious spiritual yes, but I do not go to church.

I don't abide jealousy. I am a flirt to a degree, but I know where my boundaries are and I dont mind her flirting as long she knows where her boundaries are. I thinks its a bonus for me when other men like my lady.

189 cm (6' 2'')
110 kg (244 lbs)
White / Caucasian
yes, living separately
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