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Meet LoyalMan58: dating single American man from California Elk Grove

Age: 58 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Leo

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I know that somewhere out there is a woman who just wants only 1 man in their life. There are times when a man needs to spend time alone, just as a woman need this also i.e. girls out with girls or family & friends. I can understand this as it is important for a well rounded life. One thing which is important in a relationship is truth, trust & communication. There should be no secrets for a relationship to work. Life should be a 50/50 proposition. I am looking for the inner beauty of a woman who does not put on airs, play games, who would not be afraid to cry & has the strength to let someone like me know who the person is. If there is a woman like this around & if I find hershe would be the heart that beats within my heart and soulmy lover, companion & my best friend a soul mate without end like a circle someone to cherish forever. My expectations may seem high but I know in my heart that this special woman is somewhere out there in this world and hopefully we will find each other. I want to feel what it means to love again, not to cry from hurt but to cry tears of love. To have the kind of relationship where our lives will be a blessing upon each other in body and soul, to support each other and not hurt each other but a relationship that is exhausted up into the sky, a divine partnership, a sacred bond. I am looking for someone who I can enjoy spending time with, to share common interests, laugh & have a good long conversation. A person who is thoughtful, caring, respectful, kind, romantic & committed to an honest truthful relationship, appreciating what we find in each other as a partner and friend. I wish to share ideas, thoughts, inspirations, anything which comes to mind & to be able to trust in each other with hope for the future. If you have some of these qualities, then take a chance & connect with me so we can see where it will take us. One never knows what the future can bring take this leap of faith as I am waiting for you to be in my life.

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Where should I begin as after my divorce I was someone who stayed home most of the time. I was married and divorced twice in my life and thought it would have been for a lifetime. I finally have come to realize that I need to get back into the world and start making friends. So, I am going to take this slow because this is all new to me. I would have to say that I am a quiet and bit shy person when you would first meet me and I open up as we would get to know each other. I am loyal, trustworthy, honest, fun loving, sincere, romantic, sense of humor, serious, flexible, open minded, forgiving drama free understanding. Yes, all words and each has a specific meaning and as you would get to know the person I am it is then that you will find that I am a combination of each and every one of these words.?First of all, music as music can reveal the heart of a persons soul. All kind of music as each time and situation can change fun mood passion friends party joy sadness compassion and so many other aspects. If you feel the music you will know what I mean. I can enjoy a good book, movies, camping under the stars, walking in the rain, sitting in a hot tub, drive with no particular place to go, ice cream, hot chocolate, egg nog with a shot of spiced rum during the holidays, snuggling in front of a wood stove watching the flames with soft music, listening to the sound of rain, watching a lightning storm as it lights up the sky but praying it does not hurt anyone, cello milk chocolate cherries, hate the weeds but work the land as it is part of Gods paradise, feeling a smile in someones heart, quiet moments, massages both give and take, in fall the leaves rustling across the ground and the wind in the trees, just a lot of different things which are around that most people do not take the time to see in this world.

186 cm (6' 1'')
99 kg (220 lbs)
yes, living together
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