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Meet Laughing61: dating single American woman from Oregon Cave Junction

Age: 58 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Cancer

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A man with a good sense of humor, a splash of self confidence, enjoys learning and knowing its okay to be smart without needing to prove it all the time is nice. If he enjoys cooking I find that an added bonus! Must not be an alcoholic, drug abuser, people abuser, married or already in a relationship, or in a whole other state. I have to be honest in saying I just don't believe relationships last in long distance situations or at least not for me. If you are a scammer I will figure that out pretty fast and report you even quicker.

Because I have some health issues that slows me down (never stops me from living life though) he must not be looking for someone who will be willing to climb Mount Shasta with him. sigh. But I am willing to go on small photography hikes together and do some fun road trips as well as splash about in the ocean. I have 3 dogs so he (yes like the movie says) must love dogs or at least not hate them. LOL Since I am honest and forthright with you I do expect the same from you its the best way to be around me. A man who loves to hug but can also appreciate a little bit of me time (or his own me time) would be perfect.

Hey I am not asking too much am I?

United States
39 - 58
176 cm (5' 9'') - 191 cm (6' 3'')
72 kg (160 lbs) - 86 kg (191 lbs)
  • Friendship (friendship and communication; correspondence)
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Before you go any further. If you decide to write please read my profile and look at my pictures because it will answer allot of questions you may have. Thank you and may we all find who we are looking for.

Okay proceed.

I am an out going happy go lucky women who loves to laugh and smile.

I want to start out slow by dating and being open to the possibilities.

My hobbies are writing, Karaoke,power walking for exercise, and photography walks for fun with my 3 dogs (I had 4 but recently one died of old age sigh), going to the beach, concerts in the park, gardening, metal d fishing, art galleries, museums, zoos finding new adventures traveling I should add when the opportunity comes up I love the theater and I enjoy plays.

I took a scuba diving class or two but stopped when I got a very bad allergic reaction to the wet suit and unfortunately dry suites are out of my price range. I am still hopeful that I will complete that class one day. I would love to take photos under water.

In life we all have our ups and downs.

I have learned from the downs, I feel fortunate for the up times and look forward to life's adventures.

My personality is more romantic and cuddly.

I am okay with being on my own but I choose to and would like to one day share life's joys and adventure with a compatible partner who has things to show me and wants to learn what I have to share.

My energy is not like it used to be due to having nerve damage but I still enjoy being active and playful.

I believe in volunteerism so I work with a foster children organization helps me as much as I am there to help them and it keeps me busy.

I do however always have time for someone who is special to me.

Healthy, honest communication always work for me truly.

You enjoy being happy and never look for reasons to be sad even though we all have down days which is to be expected in life.

You feel good about yourself and are emotionally available and yet appreciate your me time as we all need it sometimes.

Honestly I value some alone time as it allows me to regroup and appreciate what and who is in my life.

I see you have come this far stop in stay awhile the water is nice.



172 cm (5' 8'')
72 kg (160 lbs)
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