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Meet Honestea: dating single Cambodian woman from Phnom Penh

Age: 56 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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I like to spend time with a man who is confident, kind, not needy but has a big heart and is chilled out. Laughter and a good sense of humor is always a pleasure, I am a big cuddler. Hanging with someone who will never mention Trump is a must! I like to spend time with a man who has a good understanding of who he is and is self confident. I love to cook healthy food and really enjoy feeding others and sharing meals, I do not like store bought gifts but hand made cards, even if a few words on a napkin :) It's all about just being easy going and cozy and of course having good conversations.

I think that covers the basics, just an easy, cozy, understanding person, with a big heart, no stress, who enjoys eating and cooking some healthy food together, or enjoys a big fat steak, dancing in the rain and in the kitchen, getting in some creative exercise is always a good thing as well. I live in Cambodia now but have no problems making changes as home is where I lay my head, peacefully. I am happy here now and close to my NGO (30 minute flight). I teach ESL as a private tutor while living in Cambodia, work with children with special needs, and kick it with the sweetest street kids in my free time here. Life is a beautiful place, but I am here to be honest, because I am a bit bored and could use some honest and enjoyable conversation to begin with.

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I am an Aquarius. I am from New York City, and living full time now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am the founder of an NGO since 2007. I moved to Phnom Penh in January 2018, after living in Vietnam for 7 years, Guatemala for 1 year to mention a few. I have lived in many states in the USA, home is where I lay my head with a smile on my face. I travel to and from Vietnam often for my NGO and this is why I chose Cambodia as it takes me 30+ minutes to get to VN for emergencies and to follow up on our programs. I am really enjoying my time in Phnom Penh, I love the local people and am learning about the culture. It's been a pleasure so far I will continue to live in Phnom Penh for a while, or until I decided I may want to move, but I have zero desire to move back to the US, but I do visit my friends and family every few years. I have reverse culture shock when I go home. I like very down to earth and real people. I am also a private ESL tutor while I am in a developing country and as my NGO has zero paid staff and zero offices since 2007, this is how I live and I love both jobs very much. I feel joy when I am working, but it would be really nice to share some conversation and when possible find someone to share some time with. No stress, just easy and chilled out. I do not dig drama and like to keep it out of my life. Laughter is very important it's good for our hearts and souls.

166 cm (5' 5'')
51 kg (113 lbs)
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White / Caucasian
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Founerd NGO & ESL private tutor
I want you to use your imagination
  • well-being
  • Success in all I take part in
  • Whatever comes up, I am not a planner.
  • My interests vary depending on which country I am living in and the day.
  • Everything except heavy metal
  • Walks
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  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Horses
  • sup'ing

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