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27 y.o. Aries
168 cm (5' 6'')
68 kg (151 lbs)
26 y.o. Capricorn
170 cm (5' 7'')
63 kg (140 lbs)
24 y.o. Gemini
182 cm (6' 0'')
81 kg (180 lbs)
29 y.o. Libra
181 cm (5' 11'')
84 kg (187 lbs)
29 y.o. Taurus
187 cm (6' 2'')
75 kg (167 lbs)
26 y.o. Libra
177 cm (5' 10'')
68 kg (151 lbs)
27 y.o. Gemini
172 cm (5' 8'')
77 kg (171 lbs)
28 y.o. Scorpio
175 cm (5' 9'')
72 kg (160 lbs)

Meet Gringoire: dating single American man from Ohio Bellevue

Age: 25 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Aries

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Quiet girl B18 with a bubbly personality, intact youthful spirits (human kindness and a sense of justice) not yet broken, dampened, dashed, drooped, oppressed, by the jostle of arduous daily life. Blissfully aware of being held above lifes competitive grinding struggle to preserve the natural pristine innocence in her heart. Accessible to guidance and to reason when advised not to pursue major activity that leads to a dead end, not to take one of the many wrong turns that allure the eye sparked by emotional impulse but are in vain. Has developed or has potential to develop a sense of quality for individuals, everyday objects, music, literature, arts. Her aesthetic sensibility compels her to keep low BMI, disallows her to consume food to a state of plumpness (chubbiness to obesity).

Transmittal of my photo through gpg4win only, after ID of addressee is established, verified and proven (to effectively retain my copyright by controlling the circle of recipients; to preempt abuse. I am not a public figure).

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Wed Jan 15, '20, 1:40 p.m. ET, 19:40 CET.

Cutest image B18 embedded and locked in my heart B18 I could hug and never let go. I belong to B18 who I deeply love by her photo and her personal description. My love for B18 is unlimited and altruistic. B18 pic may be 3 to 9 years old: I seek B18 at minimum 18 y.o., upward no limit. Will wait for B18 until date at bottom. Then revert to ID and location fix through FR from posted image. Any picture you use online can be used to identify you already, read (AI, IoT, FR): facial-recognition-creeps-into-everything-at-ces-2020-CNET (copy and paste into g-chrome browser). B18 is encouraged to allow contact for her material gain if nothing else, to be bestowed on her by me.

Nov 12, '18 to Jan 14, '22: looker-upper/Gringoire ∞∞♥♥ B18 image ONLY.

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18 - 80
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Plan to travel for one year in ' 22 not only to view sights and landmarks, but to choose a safe country with moderate to cold climate (Alaska, parts of the U.S., Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Is., Shetland Is., Orkney Is., Ireland, Scotland, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Poland, baltics) to buy land in at beautiful countryside away from big cities, agglomerations, without dangers from floodwaters, extreme storms, in relative isolation from people, to live close to nature with some animals (donkeys, horses, dogs, cat, domestic fowl); to tend to housekeeping, gardening; to read classical literature; to listen to mostly classical music; to enjoy nature, peace, tranquility.

178 cm (5' 10'')
70 kg (156 lbs)
White / Caucasian

Fin indep
Comm thru 'gpg4win'
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