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51 y.o. Aries
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Meet Gogoism: dating single American man from Georgia Cartersville

Age: 51 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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I would like to find someone that is a positive and sees the good in thing. I want someone that can build a friendship into a relationship and someone that will be my best friend. Im not going to focus on what I dont want only what I do want. I want someone who isnt afraid of affection, giving and receiving. Someone who likes to be treated with respect and enjoys life. Someone who is active and is in good shape. Physical attraction is important, no matter what we think. Im not being shallow, just truthful. I am a sucker for brown eyes. Hair color isnt important. I would like to find someone that is comfortable with dressing up and goin out on the town or just relaxing at home watching a movie and having dinner made by us. Hmm, I will end this here. Happy hunting to all. I hope to hear from you. We all want someone beautiful in our lives.

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What do you say to sound like you are stuck on yourself? Well, you start off by saying "My friends say" or "I am told". Most of the time its probably true what your friends say about you. I would like to think of myself and a very positive person. I always find the good in everything. I dont want to waste my energy on a negative emotion. I wake up knowing it will be a good day because I know its a choice. I can choose to be in a good mood or a bad. I do not believe that nobody is perfect I hear this a lot too, "Nobody is perfect". Well, I disagree. Perfection and beauty are both perceptions. Here is an example. You and I go to a museum, we are both looking at the same sculpture To you, it is the most perfect thing for what you need, you think its beautiful Me on the other hand, think it looks like a hunk of clay. Perception. Is it a hunk of clay, yes, is it perfect, absolutly. That goes the same for all of us. Because we have our own thoughts, every thought we come up with at this moment directly reflects what will happen to us next. Therefor, you are perfect at this moment for what you need to be. There is also a good chance you are the most beautiful person on this earth as well, but that takes more space. Ok, ok, sorry, enough, I will ramble on. Back to what I started saying, I am very positive. I am thankful everyday just because. I smile because I can. I greet everyone with a greeting and a smile. I love people. I love life. Im not stuck on myself but I love myself. You cant love anyone unless you can love yourself.

176 cm (5' 9'')
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