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79 y.o. Capricorn
192 cm (6' 4'')
97 kg (216 lbs)
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98 kg (218 lbs)
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105 kg (233 lbs)

Meet Comraven: dating single American man from New Mexico Alamogordo

Age: 54 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Someone who is able to be flexible in most situations, and able to take life's curves and rise above. I would also like to meet a woman who truly knows herself and what she wants. I know people who go through life looking for certain things that they think will make them happy, I want to meet a woman who know what will make her happy and goes out and gets it. I do have certain limitations as far as my travel goes since my employment ties me here for the foreseeable future, so the first question I always ask is will my future wife be able to or want to come where I live.

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30 - 45
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The thing about my profile on this site is that it only gives a small piece of what I am about and what I want. I traveled to a lot of locations such as england Germany, Korea, Japan, Italy, and Austria. I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad and I would hope to do some of it again someday. The internet dating thing is something I never really thought about, I work in a profession that doesn't really put me in a position to meet new people. My employment as a telecommunications technician is a job I really enjoy in that I get to travel a little bit and it is always something new everyday. My work choices while it has not made me rich, it has given me the freedom in life to do things I probably would not have done if I had not made the decision to leave home when I was younger. Right now I live on the coast of California, where the weather is pleasant most days as pleasant as living near the ocean can be, and I have been here for 8 years. I believe that in all occasions family comes first. I also think that every experience in life whether it is good or bad teaches you something. I always live by the thought that without a strong family everything else means nothing.

188 cm (6' 2'')
124 kg (276 lbs)
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