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75 kg (188 lbs)
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Meet Cece6050: dating single American woman from Florida Boca Raton

Age: 40 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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43 - 46
179 cm (5' 10'') - 187 cm (6' 2'')
  • Friendship (friendship and communication; correspondence)
  • Virtual relationships (Chat / talk / e-mail)
  • Casual dating (Non-stressful hangouts that occur before you decide you actually want to get serious)


I am bubbly, fun, love to travel, and learn from a diversity of cultures and experiences. I am ambitious and purpose driven. Looking for others who are excited about their profession, and enthusiastically seek ways to make it more successful. I try to see the value in the good and the bad, to extract the most from each moment. I like to see others happy and I am observant for this selfless quality in others. I enjoy TED talks and hearing and voicing my thoughts on social issues. Also, I am an animal lover. Being a mother has opened me up to another spiritual realm, I have learned to have joy while playing with hamsters, our dog, and recently ( without fear) learned to see, touch and sense the grace and beauty of a snake. Kids are doorways to a better world, when we give them the best of what was given to us and even better (empowering lessons and support), we are giving love to the future of all generations. My most wonderous life lessons were taught through the eyes of a child. There is a type of goodness that makes great friends, companions, parents and teachers, this circle of goodness is what I seek in a friend or companion. I love nature, the Caribbean sea on a remote island, the outdoors in the mountains. I have even had the good fortune to travel to the Atacama desert. The more I see the more grateful I am, and the more I believe in an incredible creator. My favorite author is Echkart Tolle, though his approach and ideas are new to me, these concepts feel so familiar, as though I always knew them. I love to hear his mind. Certain things in life are measured in quality not quantity. I am open to chat with the few that can appreciate these qualities and share similar values.

159 cm (5' 3'')
62 kg (138 lbs)
yes, living together

Accounting & Consulting
a "night owl" like to stay up late
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