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Meet Blue-Rose99: dating single Vietnamese woman from Ho Chi Minh City

Age: 29 y.o.  Zodiac sign: Cancer

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About you, anyone is welcome to contact me to chat, to share sincere problems in life, I hope to learn much about your cultures, your perspectives, your lives.

About my ideal man, I expect he is the one at least graduate university, he has a a job and a goal to pursue in his life. I don't need someone so talented, because to someone is so talented, he easily has a narrow heart to enjoy other beautiful things of the great life. Another thing may sounds funny with western but it is extremely important to most of eastern, that is, we believe in astrological, whether a couple will be happy or not in their family life later, it depends a lot on the melody of man's and woman's Chinese Zodiac. I would be very happy if my man has the Zodiac Rooster or Ox. That's perfect! ^^

P/S: One more thing, sorry if I disappoint you but I cannot consider a relationship with someone who has the Chinese Zodiac Tiger, or Monkey, or Pig, that is completely not good match to mine.^^

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To begin with, I could tell that I come from a small town of Vietnam; through of my life I inherit the extremely traditional education from my family. Then I believe in traditional values about love, about a happy family like women should respect their men as the leader of family, women are the ones taking care happiness and keeping the warm fire for their husband and their children, we help each other always if someone have problem, every things we do play an important role as well as affect to other people a lot, so we are always careful in words and work with ones we love.

However, I am open-minded enough to understand and respect men from other cultures across the world. I am generous with faults, patient with differences, altruistic with strange perspective though sometimes to me some things seem crazy. I believe that every persons passing my life leave at least an useful lesson for me to learn though they are bad or they are good. That's why I appreciate if someone comes to me to get to know each other in serious ways and should not joke on it.

Finally, rolling my childhood and girlhood back, I was often avoiding people, finding my private space, reading books and holding conversations with imaginary persons. I guess that is mixed up with the feeling of being isolated and undervalued. That makes me may be a little bit day-dreaming and sensitive about happiness of a couple, and then when life brought some heart-breakers to truly wake my mind up about real men. He he. Hence, I think I am understanding enough to know how to keep a bliss relationship lasting ever after if he is the one.^^

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40 kg (89 lbs)
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