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Age: 37 y.o.
Email me to get my details.
Age: 54 y.o.
I am a spiritually mature woman ready for love guided by the soul! I am geared for travel to high...
Age: 53 y.o.
I am an articulate, well-educated man. I am ethical, gracious, resolute, humorous, perceptive,...
Age: 51 y.o.
i am a good man, always take care of my woman, i respect her and make her happy
Age: 51 y.o.
I enjoy the simple things and have worked hard to have peace and happiness in my life. At this...
Age: 51 y.o.
I a man who has control of himself. i dressed and spoke well, loved better, and had a great sense...
Age: 32 y.o.

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